Fixation On A Lonely God

by Without

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released January 7, 2016

Recorded by Max Christman
Mixed/mastered by Alex Previty
Artwork by Pete Christman



all rights reserved


Without Savannah, Georgia

Bradley - Guitar
Josh - Guitar
Storm - Bass
Josian - Drums
Spencer - Vocals

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Track Name: Undoing
I want to press my knife
into your sunken eyes
You feel no remorse
for all the pain that you've caused

Walking around like you're part of the crowd
Buried alive if you keep running your mouth
I'll slander your name
smear your face across the floor
tarnish what reputation you have left
All your sympathizers, they're as worthless as you
and I wish death on every single one

Your presence is poison
I'm nauseous at the sight
Watching you leak
from the holes in your face
You will be punished
for the hurt that you've inflicted
You act like you're so innocent
When we both know you're guilty
guilty, guilty, you're dead
Track Name: From Nothing
Some roses grow without any thorns
running from conflict since the day that you were born
Hiding behind your mask, to preserve yourself
Living like a coward until you're laid to rest

It's too late to be saved when you're standing in your grave

Countless times, I've seen your kind
You feel like you could never be hurt
Punishment is coming quick
it was your mistake to ignore the threats

Round them up, one by one
destroy them all like they knew we would

Parasites scrape and bite
suffocate and I watch them die

I wait for the day you see your end
punishment is coming quick
Burning out, nowhere left to hide
I'll drag you down, and extinguish your flame
Track Name: Fixation On A Lonely God
You are but gears in a failing machine
grinding, lifeless, worked to the bone

Mother, father they're as vacant as you
the whip cracks and rips your skin
Your mouth pours blood
your hands rubbed raw
obey your master, wind the coil
covered in black dust, empty soul

I'll never comprehend
how you could be so blind
working your whole life
for a man that doesn't care

Breaking, breaking
breaking each day
working for nothing
you won't be repaid
slaves slaves slaves
Track Name: Cold Touch
I feel your hands wrapped tight around my throat
Leaving me helpless, empty and cold
I reach for the surface
I can't take hold
Gasping for air and I feel you possess my soul

I can't see you
But I know you're there
I can hear you
In between my walls

I feel a chill rushing down my neck
Drifting deep in a cold abyss
Crippled with fear and I hold my breath
Standing in front of your crucifix

You're just a mist
You still have control
You're just a mist
But you still have control

Track Name: Dissolution Of Self
Try to shut my mouth, can't stop what's spewing out
Words they fall like ashes covering everything with dust
Stomach twists in knots, spit up all my regrets
Broken ribs and black eyes from these beatings every day

and at the end of the day,
I feel my chest ache with every single breath
and with the setting sun
I pull out my hair from thoughts of what's to come

My mouth is filled with blood, from all the times I've had to bite my tongue

This hurt, it stems from me
you said every hateful word I spoke
would kill me in the end